Headway Spring Gathering

Seymour Street Methodist Church, Lisburn.
Wednesday 22nd April at 7.45pm

Rev David Hull

“Living Biblically in the Church and the World”.

David is Chair of Share Jesus International and Chair of Methodist Evangelicals Together.

Past Events

Headway Spring Celebration

3 April 2019

Speaker: Rev Dr David Wilkinson

Headway Breakfast 2018

June 2018

Speaker:  Bishop Ken Good

Headway Ireland Spring Rally 2018

2nd May 2018

Speaker:  Roger Carswell

Headway Breakfast talk 2017
Peter Lynas
Headway Spring Conference 2015

Rev Malcolm Duncan
Gold Hill Baptist Church, Buckinghamshire

Headway Lecture

Edenderry Memorial Methodist Church
Headway Lecture
Dr. Paul Coulter
14th September 2016