Articles on Human Sexuality and Marriage

A small group of Headway members have been working over the last year to put together two sets of questions and answers on the important issue of human sexuality and marriage.

We have done this with the conviction that God loves us all and wants the best for us, both now and in eternity.  To that end He has revealed His will in scripture so that we might live holy lives for His Glory.  We also believe that however the Holy Spirit leads the church in the 21st Century He will not contradict what He has already said when He inspired the authors of the Old and New Testaments.

As you will see one set of questions and answers is written with younger readers in mind and the other is for adults.  We humbly offer this as a resource that you may use in any way you find helpful – there are no copyright restrictions.  In the discussions and debates that will continue in our church and beyond in the years to come, our prayerful hope is that this work will be useful to many and for the glory of our Great God.

Rev Dr David Clements (Chair of Headway Ireland)
April 2022